Alexander and Jordan
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Alexander:  September was a busy month for us.  We went camping a couple of times: once with just Mommy and Daddy and the second time with our friends Kyle and Ethan.  And most importantly, I started school!  I love everything about it: the bus ride, the recess, lunch, gym time, and of course learning new things.  I started Spanish, and as my mom says, I already know more than she does! I did have an adventure on the first day.  On the way home I was put on the wrong bus!  I did get home eventually, but it was traumatic both for me and for my mommy.


Jordan:  Though the school has started, we continue to do a lot of fun things.  Now that I learned how to ride my bike without training wheels, we often go as a whole family for bike rides.  We went to the historical Fort Snelling, Scarecrow Festival, where we got to pick our own apples and strawberries.  We even had Kyle and Ethan for sleep-over at our house.   I do miss Alexander, now that I see him so much less.  But that just means we play a lot before and after school.