Alexander and Jordan
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We apologize for our parents.  We keep bugging them to put up the pictures on the Internet, but they have been quite busy.  We all were this entire summer!  So many things to tell you about!  Let’s start with the graduation for Alexander.

Alexander:  Finally I have graduated from the daycare, and I am all ready to go to school this fall.  I loved the ceremony.  I got to dress up in nice clothes (although I think my parents enjoyed it more than I did), perform songs and poems in front of all the parents, but most importantly I got presents!  My daycare has presented me with a diploma that is now hanging in my room, a Russian reading book - Азбука - and a key.  I can read Азбука a little bit already - mom and I have been practicing.  


Jordan:  The graduation celebration and party was a blast! We did a play for the graduating kids, called Репка, and guess what!  I got to be the Репка (it is turnip in English).  I must say, I will be missing my brother when he goes off to school in the fall, but at least he was here at Babushka Zhenya the entire summer, and he will be here again in the after school program.