Alexander and Jordan
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Alexander:  June was a fun month.  First there was a graduation ceremony, then birthdays.  Mommy was still pretty busy preparing for the  competition, but we still got to do many fun things.  We went to visit our friends Kyle and Ethan, went on a picnic birthday celebration of mommy’s friend, had a birthday cake for my mommy’s birthday, and had a great party for Jordan.


Jordan: Hooray, I turned 4 this month!  The celebrate this wonderful occasion, mommy and daddy did something very neat - a Pirate-themed birthday party at our house. We invited all our friends . We had lots of food and fun.  We were supposed to wear pirate hats and eye-patches, but we liked our superhero costumes and capes much better.  We went on a treasure hunt in our backyard - I think it was the most fun part of the party.