Alexander and Jordan
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Alexander:  July was a busy month for mommy.  For the first week of it she had to be at work really long hours, so daddy took care of us most of the time.  It was tough, but we managed.  He was taking us in the morning to Babushka Zhenya’s and picking us up, making our supper, doing laundry and dishes.  Daddy was great - we had our favorite mac and cheese every night!


Jordan:  Though mommy was not around much, we still had lots of fun.  We went to visit mommy at work a few times, and even had a Fourth of July picnic with all of the contestants and host families.  We played ball, had ice-cream and watched fireworks.

But the best part about July was all the outdoor festivals that are happening where we live.  Daddy took us to many of them, and we got to go on many different rides, get our face painted, ride a pony (my personal favorite).  So even though we missed mommy, we still had a great time.