Alexander and Jordan
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Alexander:  Though we were sad the vacation was over, it was nice going back home.  On the way to our house we stopped over in Chicago for one night.  We dropped mommy off there (she had to go to a conference), and daddy drove us to Minneapolis.  It was nice going back to Babushka Zhenya and seeing all my friends again.  These will be the last weeks of playing with them, before I go to school in September!


Jordan:  Hotel in Chicago was great!  We went swimming in the pool and jumped on the beds in our room.  Once we got home, things pretty much got back to normal.  We were excited to go back to daycare and see all our friends.  I even got to join the big kids “After School Program”, where we got to do a lot of fun things.  They put together a play (I was not part of it, but Alexander got to be a bad wizard).  We also went to the State Fair - we had a great time!